Plantbased Diet – Interview Series Part 2

Since I started my food blog one year ago I focused myself more on a plant-based diet. I got so many questions about that kind of diet that I decided to make an interview with my favorite plant-based, vegetarian or vegan food blogger. All these girls wrote down their answers to help to understand this wonderful life style. I follow them since my Instagram and Blog journey, cooked a lot of their recipes and love their work. Every single girl is really special, authentic and have her own style.

The interview includes 4 questions. I will publish one every week from today.


  1. How do you describe „plant based“?
  2. Why and when have you decided to live „plant based“?
  3. What is your favorite „plant based“ meal?
  4. What is your tip for others who like to live more „plant based“?

Interview Partners:

Maya                                      Niki                                    Marie                                  Tiina

Maya is a plant-based mum from Croatia and my first “connection” on Instagram. She is also running a plant based-food blog where you can feel the healthy spirit immediately.

Niki is a plant-based food lover, based in the UK. I adore her Blog and Instagram work. Her recipes are always really special.

Marie live in San Francisco and is working as a food photographer and shares her passion of plant-based cooking on her Blog and Instagram feed.

Tiina is a vegan mum of 2 from Finnland. She creates the most beautiful and colorful food I’ve ever seen.

Interview Series – Part 2
Why and when have you decided to live „plant based“?

My son is allergic to dairy, and when he was a baby I began reducing my consumption of dairy too. I noticed I feel much better without dairy – lighter and happier. Around the same time in 2014, I also started eating less meat. I didn’t cut meat and dairy out of my diet all of a sudden, it was a more gradual process: I read about vegan diets, cut out red meat first, then fish, and last to go was cheese. In 2015 I began eating a wholesome plant based vegan diet.“

I started to become curious about healthy food when my boyfriend suffered from 8 years of unexplained stomach pains. He left San Francisco to work abroad and I wanted another platform to connect with him while we were living in different countries. That’s when I started 8th and lake – mainly as a way to share with him delicious plant based recipes that would help his body. I became infatuated by real foods and found that plants taste good, like really good when cooked in spices and herbs. And not just that but cashews mixed with dates tastes like caramel – seriously caramel?! This has all been such a wonderful and unexpected experience.“

I have always preferred plant food to any other, ever since my childhood. Could eat tons of fruits and veggies, raw and cooked. It felt good and natural to eat the plants, quite opposite to animal products. Even as a child I had trouble digesting meat and dairy, especially eggs. I could never eat convectional cakes without feeling sick the entire day after that. That’s why I had always been a weird kid that didn’t eat the birthday cake at parties… So my diet mostly consisted of plant food ever since my teens and the period in life when I decided to go plant based and to „purify“ my diet was during my pregnancy (16 years ago). In that time I couldn’t stand even a trace of animal products without getting sick. I had also been extremely disciplined during my pregnancy, eating only food that was beneficial for the baby. Haven’t had one piece of sweets during the whole 9 months (since I didn’t know then how to make healthy cakes and stuff;-)
Since then I educated myself in ways of Macrobiotic cooking and diet, and later vegan, and learned everything I needed to know to create a healthy and balanced plant based diet, for myself, my family and my students:-)“

„I was a vegetarian for most of my teenage years and have never eaten red meat as I always disliked the taste even when I was little. Over the years I have eaten some fish and chicken but I’ve been plantbased for the last 18 months or so. After doing tons of research on the impact of a plant based diet on health, the environment and animal welfare my husband and I decided to go for it.“



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