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Let’s celebrate Blog Carnival! When you are a Blogger you know the feeling to work almost alone behind the camera. You enjoy your creativity while doing a photo session and have fun with editing your pictures on the computer. But sometimes it can be a really lonely process. That’s the main reason we are all active in social media. We want to share our love, our passion of food and tell others about our experiences, our stories. I think most of the people who read this agree on that point.

I want to create an event where we all participate together. To get connected and to share our same passion.
The passion of creating healthy food, taking food pictures and sharing recipes as well as tricks and tips for a healthy diet.

I invite you to join this #healthyfastfood4 Event (from 3rd September until 30th September) and benefit from our wonderful healthy food community.

Eggplant Feta Sandwich nab2 (5)

Because we ALL LOVE HEALTHY FAST FOOD I decided to use this topic. I really love to enjoy a cold beer together with roasted sweet potatoes with guacamole, quesadillas, sandwiches, tacos or vegetarian and vegan burger! You feel the same? Join now! By the way. I will publish the recipe for the Eggplant Gyros Pita in the picture next week.

By the way. I will publish my current FAVORITE blog post as from today in every single blog post at the end of each post to share the amazing work from my Blogger collegues. There are so many lovely souls out there you need to discover as well.

Chickpea Burger nab (3)

What is a Blog Carnival?

A Blog Carnival is a „virtual party“ where blogger share their blog post with a special topic. The organizer (me) collects all posts and publish them on a fixed date on his blog with a feedback.

Who can participate?

Every blogger with an own blog can join this event. The organizer will proof the participants of authenticity and decide to approve or not. The blog post needs to fit to the topic and it need to have a suitable quality. If the participant isn’t approved by me I will inform you.

Share the Love

Feel free to publish the participant list as well on your blog and / or social media on the 1st October or later to share the healthy fast food love.

1-Sandwich with Red Beet Hummus (12)


• Create and publish an own blog post with a healthy fast food recipe until the 30th September
• Include this Link in your post to inform your readers about the Blog Carnival #healthyfastfood4
• The recipe needs to be free from meat and fish (vegetarian or vegan)
• The recipe is healthy and nearly free from any convenience ingredients
• Publish your blog post link in the comments under this post (I will add your link to the Blog Carnival)
• Optional: Write me an e-mail with your Link
• Promote the Blog Carnival #healthyfastfood4 on your social media in advance to join more participants and make the events more interesting for readers
• Use #healthyfastfood4 to tag your recipe on Instagram
• I will publish all participants on my blog and Instagram @nutsandblueberries on 1st October

Can’t wait to see you creations my friend! Happy healthy fast food cooking!

20160828 Eggplant Pita Carnival 1 (1 von 1)


These Matcha Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches (Vegan + GF) from Sophie are really mouthwatering and such a great idea to end up summer.

What a great idea from Tieghan to freeze smoothie ingredients to have them on hand when you need them: Freezer Smoothie Pack 6

I was inspired by Dr. Danielle Dowling article about How To Get Vulnerable & Learn To Share Your Inner Truth.

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65 Gedanken zu „Blog Carnival #healthyfastfood4“

  1. Love this even more now that I read this post 🙂 Absolutely the best idea Janine! It is really wonderful to share the love and passion for healthy food and to celebrate together. This healthy plant foodie community is one of the reasons I really LOVE what I do. So Thank You again for this great idea and I might already have a very suitable recipe for this which I was going to post on my blog soon. Will definitely join this blog carnival 🙂 Have a beautiful weekend xoxo Tiina

    • Hi Tiina, i would be so happy to see a creation from you. I feel the same. Sometimes I feel alone with all my food and idea and sometimes I feel blessed about the nice and heartwarming feedback I get. I know we all have so much work and our „normal“ life. And this must be our priority. But sometimes it feels so right to be in the food world and share the love with each other. Thank you for your nice words. xoxo Janine

  2. Looks super fun Janine! I am a little unsure of the topic, is there a specific one you require? But I love love that you are so considerate, coming up with a plan to bring us together on our BLOGS! I keep trying to do that, thank you for jumping! I will post about this contest on my Instagram as well to get more people to join! Have a lovely weekend my friend Dee xx.

    • Hi Dee, I would be so happy if you promote it! Thank you so so much. The topic is healthy fast food. This recipes are a Kind of similar to unhealthy fast Food only with healthy ingredients LOL. xoxo Janine

  3. Hi Janine I look forward to joining your healthy blog post carnival – I just created a vegan mango ice-cream to share later today so I will email you details after I post on instagram is that right? I will use the tag also. I am currently using my facebook page as my blog – as I am working on creating a new platform for my blog as we speak at but it’s not complete yet. Hope all is well. Lots of love, Arzu xox

  4. Well technically I’m not a blogger, because I don’t have a website (yet 😉 !! ), but I’ll just join for the fun, because I love healthy fast food 🙂

    • Hi Annabel, I am so happy to read your recipe. It is such a great idea. I never made beetroot Curry before ! I am sure I will test it out. Autumn and winter Comes here in Germany. Perfect meal for colder days. xoxo Janine

  5. Oh I love this idea Janine! That is so true, it can get a bit lonely behind the camera lens and computer screen, so I love how you are bringing the whole community of bloggers together! Whoop! I will try my best to join ASAP! Let’s partaaaayyyy! 😀 xxx

    • Hi Natty, such a great idea. I am so happy to have you on Board. I will definitely check out your curry version. It looks SO GOOD! Must be amazing together with fresh baked Naan, OMG. xoxo Janine

  6. Oh, Janine what a lovely idea!! I was sick for that past 10 days and I can’t wait to get back into the kitchen and cook some Healthy Fast Foods to share with you and the community! Such a lovely idea sweetie and I LOVE that veggie burger photo above 🙂 Beautiful as always.

    Big Kisses sweetie!

    xx Marie

  7. Hello Janine,

    I only discovered your blog via instagram a couple of days ago and instantly fell in love with your beautiful pics! They look so delicious. So I was really happy to read about your blog carnival-idea today 🙂 What a great idea!
    I would love to participate and get to know other plantbased bloggers, who are into healthy food and healthy cooking. There are so many people out there spreading the word, that plant based is the good thing.

    So here comes my healthy fast food recipe, which I absolutely love since it is so quick and delicious:

    Alles Liebe, Anna (you’re from Hamburg as well, are you? ;-))


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